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German classes for refugees

The Heinrich-Heine-University offers German classes für refugees. The classes are crash courses planned for 24 hours a week. Classes are from Monday to Wednesday. One course takes 16 weeks (4 months). The following premises are given:

  • University entrance certificate (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung, certificate comparable to the german “Abitur”)
  • Identity card with approved residential status

There is a weekly consultation hour concerning all aspects of the german classes for refugees.

When: Monday, 11 until 12 am
Where: Heinrich Heine University
Student Services Centre (SSC)
                Universitätsstrasse 1, Building 21.01. (Please announce yourself at the reception desk)
Phone: 0211 81 14743

You can find all needed information at the official website of the Heinrich-Heine-University.